SJL League Rules and Guidelines

Updated Thursday August 3, 2017 by Jeff Niederberger.

Summer 2017 SJLL Rules


The games will be played under rules as provided by the National Federation of State High School Association’s Boys Lacrosse Rules Book for 2012.  Officials and league administrators will make final determinations on all rule interpretations.


All players must be properly equipped to play as per Rule 1, Section 11.  Play under NFHS rules will be amended only as follows:

1) Body Contact and slashing – Players must always play the ball.  Equal pressure will be allowed while playing defense; arm-thrusts must be kept to a minimum.    There is only one to two steps allowed in making a body check and that check must have a strategic purpose with respect to the action.  Players should focus on foot movement and athletic positioning.  NFHS slashing rules will apply – one handed wrap-checks are strongly discouraged; and nearly all will result in a slash or hold penalty.

2) Counts and under two minutes – all counts will be in effect; and at all levels.  20s, 10s, 4 for goalie and keeping it in the box with a lead and 2 minutes remaining in the game – again in effect for both high school and middle school.  A foul committed by the winning team with less than two minutes of play remaining will cause the clock to stop so the offended team is not disadvantaged. 

3) Time Outs – There is only one time out allowed for each team during the game.  It may not be used when there is less that 5 minutes remaining in the game.

 4) Substitutions – horns will be allowed on all out of bounds situations (end and side lines for all age groups).  A coach simply yells HORN and it is granted when referees put their hands up and yell HORN as well.

5) Mercy Rule – a 5 goal Mercy rule (possession at center X) will apply to only middle school games; none in High School games.

6) Game Time, Penalty Time, and Score – Referees will keep all 3.  Games are 2 x 20 minute running- time halves with a 5 minute halftime, penalty times are 30 seconds and 1 minute and are running clock, and referees will keep score.

7) Stick Checks – there are none.

8) Penalty by Goalie – it may be served by a starting attackman.

9) Weather Cancellations -  In the event of light showers, league play will continue.  Safety dicatates that if thunder is heard or lightning is seen we will stop playing.  Play will re-start 20 minutes after the last occurence.   Games cancelled due to weather are made up on the following Monday or Wednesday.   Every attempt will be made by SJL to schedule and play any make up games if fields are available.  We will communicate via the email address used to sign your child up. We will also send out text alerts to accounts that signed up for text alerts.